04 January 2007

New Year

If I were trite, I'd say, "New year, new me," but I'm far too cynical for that shit. To wit, my bedroom is still a disaster area, there's still paint on the sill of my bathroom windows from the arty farty privacy painting I did on the glass, and I ate and slept my way through yesterday.

But I also bought a bottle of Trim Spa, baby, and if I hadn't sucked down a Red Bull first thing this morning, I'd be pounding those pills right now. Alas, despite my advanced old age, I don't want to encourage heart failure or stroke out because of the excessive energy I have. I know how it is, I used to take the old-school Diet Fuel with the ephedra.

So far, the best thing about the new year is that it's not 2006. To quote my loverly gwendolinaminihaha;

Forget you, 2006, you are every bad boyfriend and backstabbing bitch I've ever known rolled into one, and I've been around almost 40 years, so that's saying a lot.

Go fuck yourself, 2006, I'm through with you and your wicked nonsense. I'm so over you that there's just this little dead spot in my heart that I don't even notice anymore. You can fall off the planet and drop dead for all the difference it will make to me.

Sweet 2007, my arms are wide open, my mind is all light, I am determined that there is to be no more mayhem and heartache and upheaval, no sickness and sadness and craziness. 2007, you are all about goodness and light and learning and love and fresh fresh freshness. Everything is on you, do not fuck this up because I can't take the disappointment anymore.
Amen, babygirl. A-fucking-men. While it's entirely possible 2006 could have been worse than it was, I can't begin to imagine having been able to live through it, were it worse. I'm sure there were people somewhere that had a good year, but on the whole, for most everyone I know, 2006 was the worst year in the history of years. But now it's done.

The only really good things about '06 were Kate and Benna visiting together for the first time in YEARS, and the babies being born. Their 1st birthday was on 12/28, and if you're interested, I did a small photo post on his blog. And look, I know I've only got about 10 faithful (haha, thanks guys!) readers, but there's a lot of people that come and go. So I will say this but once. If you steal photos of my babies, and use them for any purpose other than "what a cute baby!" such as claiming they're yours, I will find you by your IP address, I will hunt you down, and I will fucking break you. Don't test me. I don't mind going back to jail.

Now that that's out of the way...

I have so much cleaning and organizing to do, to the point where I'm considering completely rearranging my living room. I already re-arranged my bedroom, and the kitchen/dining area can't be rearranged any further since it's a pretty limited space. Oh hey, while I've got you, anyone have a 5'x8' blue rug they don't want anymore? My living room theme is blue, except I have a burgundy rug, and I look like a fucking Canadiens fan (that's a hockey team. Their colours are red and blue. Nod and smile.). I have a Thai batik ... sarong thing... that I could pin down on the floor, but that might be above and beyond ghetto. It's serving as a curtain at the moment, but I got some of those stick-on shades to allow more light in.

I'm rambling. Notes to self more than anything. I hope y'all had a good New Year's, and I hope your 2007 is fucking awesome. Thanks for reading!

19 December 2006

How to restore your iPod

OK, your computer that you had all your MP3s on, has crashed. Everything's gone.

Now what do you do with your iPod? There's gotta be a way to get the songs from there back onto the computer so you don't have to completely replace the iPod.

There is.

1. Plug iPod into computer
1a. If you get a popup asking if you want to format anything, tell it no.
2. Open "My Computer"
3. Open your iPod (it will be labeled similarly: iPaco(F:)
4. In the menu, select Tools
4a. Select Folder Options
4b. Click "View" tab
4c. Select radio button 2 from bottom: "Show hidden files or folders"
4d. OK
5. Go back to iPod's folder
6. Open iPod_Control folder
6a. Open Music folder
6a.1 The folders will be named F0 up to F99+
6a.2 Inside each F0-F99+ folder are all your songs, however, they're all labeled with a 4 character name (GWZR.mp3). It's fine - iTunes knows what they are.
6b. Select all and copy
7. Go back to My Computer
8. Open whatever folder you keep your music in (My Music, perhaps)
8a. Paste
9. Wait
10. Open iTunes
11. From File, Add Files to Library
11a. Go to where your music is
11b. Select all
11c. OK
12. From File, tell it to update/sync your iPod.
13. Voila!
14. Send gifts!

16 December 2006

Video #2 for my seeeester

I'm not as pleased with this one as I am with the "Photograph" one. I had the hardest time with this, because every time I'd edit a photo or video on the timeline, the music would go about 5 seconds out of sync. I hope that's not a sign of things to come because I have to do at least one more, maybe two.

If you like the song (which is actually about 2 minutes longer than what I used), you can grab it here.

09 December 2006

Hrm. Whoops.

I can't say I forgot about my blog, cause I use the links every day, multiple times a day, I've just been lacking on any sort of suitable content - between being sick twice in two weeks, not having a free weekend for well over a month, and all the rush that ensues with the holidays, I've kind of fallen down on the blogging. My bad. You probably didn't miss me much anyway, eh?

30 November 2006

Christmas in Naptown

Welcome to my hood.

Lit up and boarded up

Seashore holidays

A Penguin Story

State House in Moonlight

Flower Shop

28 November 2006

Oh no you di'int


I held faith that you would come to your senses, dump that loser, be a good babymama, and go back to being the star power you once were. I was ecstatic when the day came that you dumped the white trash baggage. And then I read, ALL OVER MY GOSSIP PAGES, how you are constantly hanging out with Paris Hilton?

Honey, I think K-Fed was a better choice.

And now? NOW?! I OPEN MY GOSSIP PAGES AND THERE IS YOUR VA JAY JAY! That is NOT a slip, sister girl. Either you were so drunk you forgot you HAD a pussy, or you are just trying to garner as much publicity as possible. I don't think I can support you now, though. You have two babies at home, and you're going out EVERY NIGHT? Partying til 5AM? Showing your goods to anyone willing to look, and hanging out with the biggest walking STD in the US?

You should've just let Kfed release the sex tape! That would have been WAY better for your image than this... this... display of trashiness. Good luck keeping the kids in that custody battle.

Not so much a fan anymore,

PS: Victoria's Secret has panties on sale right now for $3.99. Invest!

21 November 2006



From: *********
Subject: Caps photo (called "On the move")

Hello-- I work for (county, state) and we are interested in including this photo in our 2007 employee calendar. It is not commercial or for profit, it is an internal publication for (county) employees only.

I think this meets the terms of your Creative Commons license, but can you let me know how I should attribute the photo? I'd be happy to send along a copy of the calendar when it is done!

Many thanks in advance... your work is just lovely!

********* County Communications Office


You may thank them for my fine, fine education and eloquence.

(I'm sorry I called you bitches, please don't go away, Internet. I love you. You've lost weight, yes?)

16 November 2006

How cool is this?

Of my last 100 visitors....

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Cabo, Santarem, Portugal
Carouge, Geneve, Switzerland
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Genve, Geneve, Switzerland (Hi Kate!)
Haifa, Hefa, Israel
O'Connell, New South Wales, Australia
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Rijeka, Primorsko-Goranska, Croatia
Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, Provence, France
Tyldesley, Bolton, England, United Kingdom
Versoix, Geneve, Switzerland
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
Zrich, Zurich, Switzerland

Wow. Say hi or something, people!

13 November 2006

All adding up

Let's review.

  • April 2006 - my stepsister died of complications from Hep C. She was 50.
  • May 2006 - my daddy died of heart failure. He was 64.
  • June 2006 - I had my 2nd spinal surgery.
  • June 2006 - my best friend's daddy died.
  • October 2006 - my step-grandfather died of complications from Alzheimer's.
  • November 2006 - my boss' wife died of brain cancer. She was 50.
My sister told me today that tomorrow, Mom goes back to the doctor for her yearly breast cancer check up, just to make sure it hasn't returned. She also is getting another MRI (x-ray?) of her lungs, because of a spot they found last year that they want to be sure it hasn't grown.

My sister is also getting migraines daily, the kind that are so severe that she throws up. I get those, albeit rarely. She's tried 6 different migraine medications and also regular prescription painkillers. Nothing is working and her doctors are baffled. She's terrified to go to the doctor for fear of them actually finding something that would require brain surgery, or more. "(Friend's dad) had 2 brain surgeries, and he's never been the same since - he walks funny, he talks very slow now, and he always seems to lose whatever thought he had. I don't want to be like that."

My boss' wife went to the ER 2 months ago with severe headaches that no painkiller could remedy.

To say I'm nervous and worried is kind of an understatement.

On top of which, Mom doesn't seem to be in adverse health really, nothing out of the ordinary, yet sister is already starting to discuss how things will be divided up, and reminding me that I'll have to move in with them if it happens (which I will... my sister will fall to pieces when Mom dies, that's a given, she'll need someone there to take care of her and the kids, and yeah I know she's married but this is one thing I don't think her hubby can handle).

How and why did everything start falling apart? Why are so many people around me dying? And when is enough enough?

12 November 2006

12 Drugs of Christmas

A friend passed this MP3 along to me, and I thought it was fuckin' hilarious. Christmas has officially arrived at Eccentric Thousandaire.

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
12 kids a'popping
11 magic mushrooms
10 opiate buttons
9 caps a'dropping
8 spoons a'snorting
7 whites a'buzzing
6 joints a'smoking
5 valiums
4 grams of hash
3 pounds of grass
200 reds
and a tab of yellow sunshine LSD

On a different note, I've decided to turn off comments. Some posts might have them, but it will be sporadic.