22 February 2006

a bold segue

but in other news, i just bought my wife this ring. we got married almost 10 years ago. not legally obviously. we had our very own ceremony at the botanical gardens in brisbane, wrote our own vows, the stars shining brightly overhead while we repeated words of love to one another on april 4, 1997. unfortunately, i got very ill, had to leave australia and come back to the states. she had intentions to follow behind, but the best intentions.... *soft sigh* at any rate, she's the soulmate i mentioned earlier. and when we got married, we were both young, and poor, and only had plain rings carved from some sort of reddish material. i still have that, but it's bulky, ugly and cheap. i wanted to give her a REAL ring, even though i haven't seen her in nearly 10 years. i still love her with all of my being, and want her to be able to look at her hand and know that. not that she needs to look at her hand to know... it's in her heart as well. i'm hoping she'll wear it as a right hand ring... and i hope it's not too .. much.. for her.

anyway, i'm going to send it for our anniversary. i hope that within the year, we can be together, if only for a short bit.

kristene and i, march 1997, brisbane

(this post written while author was under influence of vicodin)

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