25 February 2006

i ain't sayin she a gold digger...

i have a horrible admission. my name is tip, and i'm a shopaholic.

hi, tip.

this pay period, which i should point out is monthly, i've got just enough for bills. so what do i do? of course, i go shopping. so to speak. i hit up ebay. and um. an online catalog. well i had to do some christmas shopping you see. and um. well then i saw some things i wanted to get the babies... and then i have to buy me something... um... maybe 3 or 4 somethings. i don't know why i can't stop spending money. i have friends i owe money to that i should be paying if i have excess money (which, this month, i don't). but instead, i buy myself jewelry, panties, shoes, whatev.

aah well. it's done.

i went to see the caps practice today. just to take photos, not to talk to anyone. anyway, alex isn't back from torino yet, and steve is probably still lounging at home, enjoying milking IR for all it's worth. i took uh, 200 photos. well i mean, you have to take a lot of photos to get a couple good ones. and i got just about a couple good ones. there wasn't really anyone on the ice i really was interested in photographing, so most of the pictures are of the goalies. i did get some good shots of them. i wish alex would come home so i can go shoot photos of him. and talk to him. i miss him. i miss having someone to talk in russian to. talking to myself in russian is just losing the appeal it had. ok that's a lie cause it never really had appeal, but i digress. my russian's getting rusty.

brent johnson, 2.25.06

right now, i'm cursing my prescriptions. i have vicodin. great painkiller, supposed to knock you the fuck out, right? wrong. when i take them? can't sleep. and being a reformed pothead and pill popper, i always have, in the back of my mind, this desire to be high. so i get a little bored, i take one or two, partly for the pain, partly for the wish to be in an alternate mind state, and sure things get a little skewed, but then when it's time to go to bed, i lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, watching the paint peel and listening to the wind whistle between buildings. god it fucking sucks. i should be out like a light! but no. if i do sleep, it's that shitty ass wakeful sleep, where you're semi-conscious of your surroundings, but also half asleep. sigh. and it's not even a good high, like smoking some crystalized nigerian. or even some schwag. it's not like it makes me talk endlessly, and believe me,when i'm high, i can talk to myself for hours on end. probably in russian.

sometimes, i reeeeeeally miss pot.


Aeroplanic said...

Yeah. You better talk to Alex BEFORE you shoot him, huh?

Crazy girl.

NotCarrie said...

I want to learn Russian.

Tippy said...

learning it was surprisingly easy, but i've been told i have an "aptitude" for languages. having someone to SPEAK IT WITH... that's a whole other ball of wax =(