27 February 2006

a list longer than your aunt fanny...

one of my (real) mom's helpful suggestions somewhere along the road of life was to make an ongoing wishlist of things i want, so that when i come into extra money from time to time (who the fuck is she kidding?) i'll buy stuff i actually want, and not the first thing that catches my eye.

i think i lost the list in the great move of 2003. or maybe the great computer crash/office-spacing of 2004. either way.

from time to time i'll remember things i want, which somehow in my mind, i've managed to convince myself i actually need, and i will announce them to no one in particular, with a raising of a pointed finger, a gesture of triumph. "waffle maker!" i yelled earlier. no one looks at me anymore when i have outbursts like that. they've all tuned me out. fuckers.

i need a vaccuum (i really do. i have a burgundy rug. do you know how easily burgundy shows DUST?!), and a blender, and a waffle maker. probably in that order. i don't know. do margaritas have priority over waffles? cause i'm no eggo fan. ahh fuck it, i'd rather drink a meal anyway. i guess i don't need a waffle maker. but man could i use that vaccuum. and a new couch. this is where it all falls to shit and i start spending money. i should stop now while i'm ahead.

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