19 February 2006

mmm bay-kahn!

sadly, or perhaps a result of being in our generation, a lot of memories with friends and family center around television shows. i can remember in grade school, racing home to watch an hour of laverne and shirley, sitting on the phone the whole time with lori, whom i'd just left at school. we would be silent during the show, then discuss what we'd just seen during commercials, or gossip about school. that was in 5th grade.

with my sister, our in-jokes mainly rely on roseanne and that 70s show. we grew up roseanne. we were a year older than becky, and both hated her. as her kids got older, we got older. we related to roseanne's family a lot better than any of the families on 90210. we watch re-runs now, and missy has the 1st season on dvd. i expect she'll wind up with the whole set. but either way, we watch it all the time. oxygen and nick at night both show it a lot during the day. we spent most of yesterday and a lot of today watching various episodes. it doesn't matter that we've seen all of them at least twice. now, instead of relating to darlene and becky, we relate better to roseanne. especially since missy is married, has 4 kids, her husband is a big burly guy, and i'm the near-perpetually single sister. it's funny how your perspectives change.

this morning, jeff (the brother in law) made breakfast of bacon and eggs. without conscious thought, i bit off a piece of bacon and said, mmmm, bay-kahn. missy laughed. no one else got it, and frankly, i hadn't realised i'd quoted that 70s show. one day we were all stalking to my parents, and jeff said something about going to pricemart (meaning price club) and without missing a beat, i laughed, and missy said, "oooh, can we go to the pricemart ball after, red?"

i love in-jokes. they're kind of rude to people not in the know, but to the people who get it, they're hysterical. i can't laugh about discussing bugs or word origins unless i'm with catherine. "i can reach behind and grab my feet," isn't funny to anyone but heather (my old roommate), missy, mom and i. prague, chickens, petty thievery, golfbags and beer, triscuits, strange-who and dae-woo aren't funny to anyone but jenna and i (we have a long list - we've spent far too many hysterical moments together, but yet, not enough).

in the past two days, i have been spit up on, puked on, yelled at by a toddler, held babies for more hours than i can count, felt like my hands constantly smelled like baby shit, and changed a handful of diapers. that said, i wouldn't trade those moments of quiet, snuggly, warm baby love for anything.

but good god damn am i glad i'm going home tomorrow.

piglet - 2.20.06

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