17 February 2006

oh you're a funny one

i can never be funny when i want to be. my friends at least cut me some slack on this and don't introduce me as the funny one. people learn for themselves that i'm funny. i've been emailing/IMing with this guy in town that i "met" on myspace. he's an amateur stand up comedian. i don't think he's all that funny, at least not in type, whereas i've had him on LOLerskates quite a few times.

i always have my friends and co-workers laaaaaughing, and i think, i should write that down, then when i go to, it's just not that funny. for example, this morning's laughfest:

"i'm not gonna quit smoking because i keep gaining so much weight. it's the hand to mouth action. if it's not a cigarette, it's food. and fuck it i may be dead, but at least i'll look good in the casket and not need a doublewide." much laughter. "actually fuck that, i'm not having a casket. creamate me, dig a hole, dump me in and plant a tree. or, hell with it, toss me out of the car window next time you cross the bay bridge. there'll be a little taste of me in the crabs next season." more laughter. when it's typed out though, i don't think it's very funny.

maybe it's just me?

i have to use humor a lot these days. i had my first surgery in july, and loaded my brand new ipod up with about 20 comedy routines to listen to while i recovered at my parents' house. i'm a firm believer that laughter IS the best medicine, and because i'm once again going through a lot of health problems, much more than someone who's 31 years old should be, i'm trying to laugh as much as possible. maybe because of that whole, if i don't laugh i'll cry, adage. but my theory seemed to work. despite smoking during the whole healing process, which i was admonished NOT to do multiple times, i was also laughing my ass off most days, and healed remarkably quickly, with no pain and no complaints.

in a bold seque, why is it so hard for people so say bless you when someone sneezes? it doesn't have to be those exact words, but something along that sentiment. am i the only person who saw singles? am i the only person who knows that sometimes, the only redeeming quality a guy really needs to have is to say bless you? i mean, you can say gezundheit, bless you, may the power of christ compel you, or even "blow snot all over your monitor again?" just something.

if i ever have that son i've thusfar been denied, i will teach him a few key things. say bless you when someone sneezes, unball your socks when they go in the hamper, put the new roll on the toilet paper holder, hold the door open for women, and lastly, if it's fun but you may get hurt, throw caution to the wind cause bruises heal and chicks dig scars.


Troy said...

Hello. Just wandered in here off of Trixie's blog. I like your post (and your laughfest [lol]).

Faltenin said...

Oh yes, you'll get all our favorite Trixiebelle's friends over here now. Serves you right. Never comment if you can't stand the traffic.

I see this is a new blog... start building your own comedy routine, post the ideas here, and we'll all be back!

trueborn said...

Bless you.

Tippy said...

troy i'm glad it translated to print! *grins*

faltenin, thanks! woo traffic!

thanks trueborn!