23 February 2006

plant killer! black thumb!

i used to have an amazingly green thumb. everyone gave me plants that were half dead because they knew if anyone could revive it, tippy could! i have plants i have had for 6, 7 years. they're dying. this depresses me. i mean, i also have plants that are thriving, but the ones i've had the longest, that are in all my pictures of my life, always lurking in a corner in photographs, they're leaving. i feel like a bad mother. but i don't know what to do for them. i guess it's just their time to go. on the positive side, this means i can new buy new plants to kill in 7 years!

my dad's going through seed catalogues now. when i was little, my dad always had a ginormous garden in a back corner of our 1/4 acre yard. like, probably 120 square feet. he grew evvvverything. now they live on a huge plot of land and he's got all the room in the world to garden, and i find myself going through seed catalogues after him, starring everything i want. "we're not buying flowers this year, only vegetables," my mom tells me, even after showing me the 284 flowers she'd love to have. "no time for flowers." "YOUWILLBUYFLOWERSANDIWILLPLANTTHEMDAMNIT" i screech. nevermind that i'm 2 hours away. she gave me a look. "IWILLDOITIWILLTAKECAREOFTHEM." i paused and shot her a glance. "unlike other plant killers in this house who shall remain nameless." for father's day last year, i'd given dad a jade plant i rooted from a cutting. i have one too. yeah, it only took 6 months for them to kill that one. mine, however, is thriving and quite happy. mom almost blushed shamefully. "i'm sorry, i forgot to take it in when it got cold." i rolled my eyes. "buy my flowers. i'll take care of them." we'll see what happens. christ i hope i don't have to raise them from seeds, and after my continual ranting about how much i hate annuals, they'd best not buy me any damned flowers i have to replant next year. maybe i'll just buy bulbs and show up. "gimmie a trowel, see you in 3 hours." maybe i'll bring a kidlet out with me and teach him (since ty's the only one old enough for that type of thing) about gardening. we had quite an interesting evening about four years ago, pouring over a map of iraq while i told him all about the war and what was going on where. he's a good kid. smart kid. i love teaching him stuff, and then randomly witness him using something he learned from me.

hey, happy HNT!

me, circa 1976

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