17 February 2006

tippy mcneenee, and my sister gidget

for all intents and purposes, my name to my family is tippy. it's what my nephew tyler proclaimed my name to be when he started talking, about 9 years ago. just in case you were wondering.

  • a few weeks ago, miss (the sister) and i were sitting around, seemingly surrounded by babies. i have no idea what she was saying except she kept saying "aunt tippy" this and "tippy" that. then she looked up and said, "you realise the kids will all be calling you aunt tippy for the rest of your life?" i gave her the look of patience that's insulting to anyone over the age of two, and pointed out she had been calling me that for the past 9 years, and no, i did not mind.

    she giggled, and i think that was when the mustard incident occurred.

    for those of you that have never changed a poopy newborn diaper, you're probably unfamiliar with the color and consistency of baby shit. it could pass for spicy mustard on any day of the week, in any new york deli.

    i bet that just put you off gulden's, didn't it?

    so we're discussing the whole name phenomenon and i'm changing aiden%2

    trueborn said...

    Cute pic.
    Jesus I'm an older brother and I never farted on anyones head.
    Their arms and legs sure, but never the head. Thats why you wave the fart into their face.

    Tippy said...

    in my defence, i was not around when the farting-on-jimmy was happening. i just laughed about it later.

    but older sisters are meeeeeeean. heh.

    Aeroplanic said...

    Hey dude, love the new bloggy. And baby shit - hell ANY shit is funny and will always be funny. Not quite up there with farts but almost. Farts will amuse me when I'm 100 years old I am quite convinced. And by then i'll be producing way more than my share of whistlers!:)


    Tippy said...

    we laid the babies down for the night, piglet in his crib, wiggles in the crib in the living room... wigs was asleep, and it was quiet in the room and he just blew a fart, and i cracked up. missy looked at me like i had lost it, but even now i'm laughing while i type it. farts are ALWAYS FUNNY!