27 March 2006

3 Smacks!

Sweet! I got reviewed over on Italk2much, and the bitch gave me 3 smacks. Thanks! I feel honored!! Here's the review:

At first glance, other than a standard, boring Blogger template and posts that are on the long side. Then I found a post that was short enough to hold my attention and *gasp* it was funny and the writing was good, so I cleared my schedule for an hour or two and decided to take the plunge and read one of the longer posts - still good - who knew?

In short, she’s probably not someone I’d read daily (and especially not on Thursdays because she does the I’m desperate, please like me half-naked Thursdays) but she’s probably someone I’d work into the weekly rotation. And, if nothing else, she’s better than the other two I just suffered through.

Constructive criticism? Get yourself a new template, ditch the desperate Thursday picture posts and write something shorter than a thesis once in a while.

So I should work on that written diarrhea. Check.



Mike said...

Congrats on the smacks!

Tippy said...