01 March 2006

by popular demand

i swore when i started this that i would never post more than once a day, or post chat logs... but this really speaks for itself, and thus, i'm breaking that swear, just this once.

Me: my parents picked me up in a bar.
KC: hahahahaha!
Me: they won me using that claw thing. there was no sex.
KC: i think that might be the most bizarre thing anyone's ever said to me.
and it has competition let me tell you
Me: i'm drugged. you never know what'll come out of my mouth when i'm on the drugs
KC: oh resisting urge to make obscene joke.
Me: once when i was on percocet, before we realised i was allergic to it, i photoshopped my face onto a sunflower.
Me: the image still haunts me
Me: i have it on a cd somewhere.

and thus, i give you:


Aeroplanic said...

Yah. SO SO FUCKED UP:):):)

gizmorox said...

Dig the bangs. :)

Tippy said...

don't dig 'em too much. that'll never happen again. =D