02 March 2006

did you say sale?

i love shopping. more to the point, i love shopping online. the intarwebs have opened a whole new avenue to my debit card, and i'm sure my bank is thankful for that. but i'd never know because i do all my banking online. see what i'm saying? anyway, yeah i love to shop. shop shop shop. buy buy buy. i'll admit it. i'm a typical girl that way. shoes. purses. makeup. jewelry. clothes. presents. seriously? anything. and i LOVE shopping online. the thrill of hunting down a bargain, and debating over how much i want a particular item. imagining how it will look and feel once i get it in the mail. and the joy of GETTING MAIL! that isn't a bill, or addressed to "occupant." nothing excites me like opening the mailbox, peeking in and having a package.

personally, i like shopping online cause i don't want to deal with going out. i don't necessarily NEED something RIGHT NOW. if i do, i'll go out. but overall,i don't want to give up my parking spot (on street parking), find one at the mall, deal with all the crowds, and the teenagers who have nothing better to do, and snotty sales people who hate their jobs (not to say ALL sales people are bints... i've met some very helpful ones, but overall... and i say that as a formerly snotty salesgirl). so it was much to my surprise when i saw circuit city's 24/$24 advert.

what is the premise, you ask? you buy something online, and then you can go pick it up in the store in 24 minutes. if it's not there or ready, you get a $24 giftcard.

am i the only one scratching their head and wondering what marketing genius came up with THIS gem? now, okay, sure. shopping for electronics is anything but quick. but um. doesn't buying online then going to pick it up defeat the entire purpose of the online shopping? you've negated the whole point. you're not saving time. you're not avoiding going out. you're not waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep. and! they have free shipping!

now, in my opinion, if you want something that god damned badly... just put your lazy ass in the car and go buy it.


gizmorox said...

I had similar thoughts about the 24 deal. For shit's sake, if you're going to the store anyway, just go and pick out what you want in person.

Me said...

You should go to www.smartbargains.com, they have the most r0x stuff for cheap. Just don't buy diamonds there.