24 March 2006

Easter long

My phone at work rang this morning (which in and of itself is blog worthy - my phone never rings unless my dad misplaced my cell number), and it was M., one of my closest intarweb friends of many years, who happens to live in the Great White North of Guelph, ON. She and I have been trying for years to hit a rolicking weekend of chaos together, but our schedules never mesh. I even have a plane ticket (currently going unused) for the WEEK I was going to fly up to hang out with her, the BF and some other friends, but of course, health got in the way. Anyway! She rang today, and not only told me I sounded 100% happier than she has heard in a LONG time, and then, for the 9th time, asked how far I am from VA Beach.

It seems one of HER good buddies plays for the hockey team down there, and has invited her for Easter long weekend, so she and some girlfriends will be driving down, and she wants to stop and pick me up along the way. And here I am thinking - HELLS YES! Pretty pretty hockey player boys, one of my longest-standing netter friends, and a roadtrip in Spring. Can I pack now?

Speaking of Spring, it is becoming that time I live for - playoff hockey time. The BF is already in playoffs, and last night was their first game of their first series, which they won 6-1. His team has shirts made every year they make playoffs, to be sold for charity, and I have the ones from last year. I have tried and tried to find one from this year - that does not cost $27 - and failed. He said he will gladly get one for me, and even get the whole team to sign it. Which, of course, is awesome. I am so proud of him - he has done amazingly this season. Especially after he was cut from his NHL team and sent back to juniors, he has just busted ass to show everyone what he can do, and now there is no doubt, he will be in the NHL next season.

And speaking of NHL, it is that time of year when I watch every game on the edge of my seat, surely annoying the PISS out of my neighbors by yelling, screaming, cheering, clapping, and throwing things at the tv, depending upon how the game is going. Nights when sleep is a distant memory because you can't fucking possibly go to bed when you have been watching this damned game since 9pm, and it's into the THIRD overtime, and so what if it's 147 in the morning and you have a big day tomorrow? YOU CAN NOT JUST TURN IT OFF!


So. Yeah. Uh, Happy Spring.

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Aeroplanic said...

Ah yah. I am like that with baseball. Once you get into scary extra innings and they're out west and it's 2 a.m. in NYC, you just have to see it out. I mean you invest all those hours in the game you can't just ABANDON it! Tsk:)