18 March 2006

Family weekend

While Missy was taking Tyler to his first ever soccer practice (haha, soccer mom!!), Jeff and I somehow managed to both kill a bottle of wine, and put three babies to sleep. Err, without giving them any wine though. We hung out on the porch while they did, smoked and talked. He had bitched earlier about the huge brass chimes and how much noise they can make, and I scoffed. Then when we were talking, wind gusts of about 60mph blew by (hm, we are on top of a 'mountain' here...). I suppose this is where I'd say they made a shitload of noise that we couldn't even talk over, cept i'm never wrong.

I took about 120 photos of the kids. and one of the forsythia bush, cause, you know. Every single one just doesn't look the same. But, 120 pictures! And I've still a half day left. While the first step is admitting you have a problem, I don't have one at all. With kids, you have to take a bunch to get just the right shot. Or so I tell myself.

As the twins get older, and gain more weight, their differences are becoming glaringly obvious. Aidan has red, thick, curly hair. Jonathan has fine, straight, dark brown hair. They cry completely differently, and almost never at the same time (although we got all 3 babies going tonight!). Aidan loves to be talked to, and stare at the god damned ceiling fans. There's one in every room in the house except the bathroom (this is my south!), and no matter where we are, he will fixate on them. dad thinks it's because "they move," except most of the time, they aren't.

photo a: hmm. the fan, it is not moving!
photo b: mmmm finger licking tv goodness!

Jonathan likes to sit up and see what's going on in the world. And chew/lick my finger. They don't even drink the same formulae(s?). Even though they're only 3 months old, we think Jon's cutting a tooth already. But they're both beginning to coo, and laugh at some things we do or say, so at least they have that in common. And grunting when they're laying down.

It turns out I don't need surgery at all, just to lose some weight, go to physical therapy, buy a cervical pillow (done), and just take better care of myself. I might need the surgery in the future - but I also might not. So there's no actual point in having a surgery I may not need. Missy said she was a little disappointed I wouldn't be having it, cause it meant I wouldn't be staying here for a week or so. I agreed on that point and said maybe I'll take vacation and come stay for a week. Who does that? Who goes home on vacation? Who goes somewhere that they frequently walk into a room and announce, it smells like baby shit in here? Or somewhere that they can never really sleep too late because you know their baby's cry and can't sleep through it, even if they want to? Vacation is supposed to be somewhere exotic, with nice beaches and palm trees and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. I suppose, in a way, I used up a lot of my exotic vacations when I went to Australia for two months. But damn, that was almost a decade ago. But who knows. I'll probably end up going for a week or something. God knows how many photos I'll take in that amount of time.

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