22 March 2006


To: All Employees
From: Queen Bitch (aka, Me)
Subject: Bathroom Useage

To All,

The fan in the bathroom is there for a reason. If you take a shit, please turn it on.

The aerosol spray is also there for a reason. If you take a shit, please use it.

If someone opens the door to the women's bathroom, and sitting at my desk, I catch a wiff of ANYTHING other than aerosol spray, go spray more.

Additionally, if you leave skidmarks in the toilet after taking a shit, please clean that up by any means necessary. Same rules apply if you leave a floater. Repeated flushing is commended, not scorned.

In summation, please put forth your best effort to ensure we are unaware you just took a dump. All in the office appreciate your compliance with this memo.

Totally disgusted,


Fate said...

Oh my god! That is too funny. But are you being serious? Haha!

Awesome blog!

Mike said...

Did you paste a copy of this in the restroom?

And...congrats on the smacks @ it2m.

Tippy said...

fate: i am TOTALLY being serious! haha. assholes.

mike: I AM SO TEMPTED! ooh! i haven't checked in a bit! *runs to see*