06 March 2006

slight reprieve

I need to take a small break from stories of the past to make a few comments. the stories will be totally out of order. I am too ADD and have too bad a memory to write something chronologically, especially a 5-year true story. I'll put the month and year up before each one.

I'll need surgery for my back problem. I don't need it immediately, which is good. But eventually. But my surgeon also decided to no longer accept my insurance, so I'm on a mission to find a new neurosurgeon, which I am apprehensive about. The one I had is the best. Trusting my spine in the hands of a doctor I have no references or referrals for makes me nervous.

I'm struggling to come up with an anecdote for today, but I'm medicated and flying high the best I can come up with is vingnettes.

September 2000
- Careful, there's livestock
- I told you I had three beers left! Three beers! You didn't listen, you didn't believe me, and I was right, and now you're drinking them!
- We haven't stolen anything this weekend... Ooh! A chicken!
- If I wake up on Monday, and haven't done anything over the weekend, I want to kill myself.
- I hate blowing my nose.
- Don't write down what I'm saying. Are you writing that down? What else did you write down?
- Gotta go, got shit to do. See you guys in 10 years!
- I feel like shit.
Smoke a bowl.
Nope, I need 48 beers.
What number are you on now?

"Farewell my pretty one, don't look so sad. Drink to me occasionally and all the fun we had."


gizmorox said...


I was telling my brother some of these stories yesterday. About our almost award-winning whiffleball team and breakfasts of Goldschlager.

I got one for you: "Why don't you come on down here and dance with your homegirl."

Tippy said...

ok you got me. now it's my turn to totally not remember that.

but i remember fat hoeffer at eden the year before! hahahaha.

gizmorox said...

That was in NYC at Sweatglands when I was sitting on the stairs, and the bouncer told me I couldn't. And it was 40 gazillion degrees in November and we'd been drinking since forever. And I did my first ever shot of Jaeger on the way when the brothers Emmitt and I beat the rest of youse to the club. And you introduced me to Andre and he knew my name and we were glitter speckled and I believe waltzing at one point, yes?

Tippy said...

ahahaah omg waltzing. to walnut i think? jesus i remember that. i wonder where that picture of our sparkly faces has gone off to?