03 April 2006


Mom and I are on the "J****'s going to be a Bridezilla" side of the betting pool. My brother Jamie's getting married in June. His fiancee is originally from California, and her mother lives there as well, so of course, that's where she wants to get married. Nevermind, of course, that Jamie's entire family lives in the Mid-Atlantic, or that we're not what you'd call rich, whereas J****'s family is rolling in dough. Yet, hm. Everyone going has to pay their own plane fare and if involved in the wedding party, pay for their clothing.

Missy is supposed to be throwing J****'s shower/bachelorette party. I have put in my vote for doing a slumber party with the sex toys. Missy likes that idea too. However, J**** is deadset on wanting to go to DC. Let me sum up - Missy: doesn't want to go to DC. Me: don't want to go to DC. Heather: doesn't want to go to DC. We have no idea who else will be coming to this party, however, we're the oldest and we have seniority, and motherfucker, I am not driving to the mountains, caravaning to the Metro, then coming back to the mountains, THEN driving home to Naptown. No. Effing. Way.

There were other things about the wedding that she was talking about that irked the shit out of me, but I've already blocked them. She and I have nothing to talk about anymore, which doesn't really bother me truthfully. I kind of set her and Jamie up four or five years ago, and he is my beloved baby brother, but that aside? Yeah I got nothing.

Also, PS: it has been SPRING for the past few days here in the Mid-Atl. Can someone out there explain how the fuck there is a forecast for tomorrow that reads as follows for tomorrow night: A shower, snow perhaps late, Low of 37°, RealFeel(R)? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

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