09 June 2006

a long month

It's been a disgustingly long month, and frankly, except for the Oilers being in the Stanley Cup Final, I want a do-over on the whole year.

After nearly 2 weeks of agony, and of being stuck at Mom's house afte rwhat I thought would be a 2 day visit for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower, I had emergency surgery on my back. I came home 3 days later.

Uncle Doug, J's dad, passed away exactly one month after Daddy did. More evidence of our bond.

I haven't worked more than 12 hours since the 3rd of May. I might go back next week. I get the staples out of my back Tuesday, and the doctor will tell me if I'm able to work or not.

The surgeon I would have had the operation done by, had I not gone to the emergency room, died in a bad car wreck Thursday night - the day before my consultation appointment with her. It terrifies me that I could have still been waiting just for a consult.

The only bright spot in the past 2 months is that if the boyfriend is given a jersey for the team's return to Carolina, he'll call me, and get me tickets to the game. Even if he's not playing, if he travels with the team, which he did not for the first two games, he'll bring me down and get me a seat, or get me into the pressbox with him. But I'm not holding my breath on that.

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