29 June 2006

Missing advice

Whenever I was facing doing something I'd never done, or wasn't sure how to do, I would call Daddy. When I had to snake the drain on my tub for the first time, I called Dad and he talked me through what type of snake to buy, how long, where to find it, how to do it properly, and how to clean it once the hamster-sized clump of hair came out of the drain. When my car was making a funny noise that I didn't recognise (and I'm a car chick), I called him and explained it and he told me I needed to adjust the idle on it, and how to do that.

A while ago I noticed a leak in the acoustical tile ceiling in my bathroom. Right off the bat, there should never be acoustical tile ceilings in a bathroom. However, it's now starting to look like, with all the rain we've been having, that I have a mold situation in the wall between the window and the ceiling. I have never dealt with mold. I have researched it extensively on the internet, because let's be honest. I live in a slum. My slumlord will most likely scrape the paint off the wall and paint over the mold, because they pay the city off to not have to keep up to code.

I wish wish wish my Daddy was still around so I could ask him about this. I don't know FUCKALL about mold. I'm terrified I'll fuck something up, and the leak source has to be found before I can even FIX this, and in order to do that, I have to talk to the upstairs neighbour, and there's probably going to have to be ceiling and floors ripped up to find it. But on the other hand, there was a water stain in the ceiling when I moved in, so I have a small amount of hope that the mold situation won't get out of hand. Maybe I should just paint over it myself with mold-inhibiting paint and pray it just stays in the wall behind the paint.

But Daddy would know what to do.

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Beth said...

I know how you feel. I lost my dad nearly a year ago, and a week doesn't go by when I wish I could call him about something. Sucks. And hurts.