25 July 2006

Hard to say...

There's a car dealer in the area, and their motto is something like, "Hard to say, easy to.." something. I can't remember what the easy to part is. Anyway, I know the son of the owner. He used to work with me at the subcontractor in Baltimore. I always thought he was pretty sweet, good natured, shy. When I started, I was told he was in NA/AA, because apparently there's no such thing as true anonmynity. Within three months, he had not only fallen off the wagon, but lept, whole heartedly, with both feet. He and another one of the guys at work were at a job site, smoking heroin, when they were supposedly "cleaning up." The tip off was that they put down "24 hours" for a job that should've taken 2, and someone looked into it, found their paraphenalia and they confessed.

Every time I see a commercial for this car dealer, I wonder what percentage of the purchase price of every car will go to the son, and what percentage of that will be smoked/snorted/drank. I wonder if his father's disowned him yet. I wonder if he's even still alive.

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