21 July 2006

New hard drive

Hey there, internet. Me again. Slightly more cheery than my last post, which I don't really remember, but Kater IM'd me today to be sure I was okay. I guess I should check back and re-read it, but I don't like re-reading my own blog. Just other peoples'. I can spend a day or ten just reading other peoples' archives. Christ, I hope no one ever does that to mine. They'll probably be bored to death.

My hard drive has been dropping its basket lately. This computer doesn't really like me. My mom bought it for me after my Dell got too stoned, and the clock battery leaked all over the hard drive and destroyed everything. I've never thoroughly enjoyed going Office Space on any piece of hardware in my life. One day I'll actually get the photos of it, even though it was 2 years ago now.

Last summer, the... you know what? Something broke. I don' tknow what but it was under warranty so I sent it in to be fixed. After over a month, threatening phone calls on a daily basis, and letters to every branch of the company's office, and the papers local to their headquarters (Systemax SUCKS!), I got my computer back. Now it's acting up again, and this time it's the hard drive. So I did what any reasonably competent former PC hardware tech would do, and I bought a new one.

I'm currently in the midst of downloading the OS software to install on the new HD and I'm convinced something will go horribly awry with it. I won't be able to install it, I won't be able to run the OS, something to make my life miserable. I spent three hours last night running chkdsk and defrag, and then suddenly, the computer worked again, after not working for almost four days. FOUR DAYS! For an internet addict that is equivalent to four YEARS! I read a lot of fucking books, I tell you what.

I'm a little freaked out about turning off the computer in order to install the new OS onto the HD. Every time I turn the computer off, it never wants to turn back on. So... cross your fingers, internet. Hopefully this'll work.

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