25 July 2006

Past transgressions

Like probably everyone else on the internet, I have a profile at Friendster (and MySpace, and LiveJournal, and Hi5, and and and), but I never check it. I never even log in. If the computer didn't have my password saved, I don't think I'd know what it was. I signed up for it years ago, at the prompting of G, who, come to think, prompted me to sign up for pretty much EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET. Thank god I have that spam email address.

A year or so ago, one of my ex-boyfriends found me on Friendster. I guess that was the one place I actually put my real name. Or maybe he found me through my email address. But let me tell you, before the internet was even really big, I was a paranoid person. I suffered through a long, abusive relationship, and don't ever want to be found by that ex, because if I am, well, I'll kill him.

Anyway, said ex found me and we added each other and for about 2 days, I kept up with his blog. At which point I realized I was no more interested in him anymore than I had been 8 years ago when I dumped him. He sent me a message today thru Friendster. When I checked it, I saw he'd sent about 9 other messages previously that I'd either ignored the notification email. He said he was traveling through Virginia on his way to NC to see "Natalie" (like I know who the fuck that is?) and was looking for crash space for the night.

For one, I haven't lived in Virginia in 3 years, and I aim to keep it that way. For two, I haven't seen this guy in over a decade. He was nice enough, but passive aggressively controlling, militantly opinionated, and not someone I'd liked enough to even keep in touch with. Why would I let him stay with me?

Sometimes, men really are from Mars

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