16 August 2006

Dancing & Computers

I am, to my surprise, watching So You Think You Can Dance? and it's the finale. I have to point out that I've only seen this show 3-4 times. And if Travis doesn't win, I will riot in the street. I may be alone in my rioting, but I will riot. He is clearly the best dancer in this competition and if America doesn't see that well they can just get bent.

I think that's the most I've ever said about any "reality" show because I don't watch these things. I watched a couple seasons of The Real World when it came out, maybe 3 or 4 season? And I've watched Survivor here and there, and I would bet anything I have of value that I could go on that show and survive. I don't know that I'd win the whole thing, but I think I'd get pretty far. Oh and the Osbournes first season was awesome because, come on - it's Ozzy and it's a trainwreck. Who can look away?? Plus it was fucking hilarious! And I would totally be a liar if I said I didn't mark the auditions for American Idol on my calendar (because seriously? People humiliating themselves on national TV is quality entertainment!). And once in a great while I will watch Fear Factor. But other than that, I'll pass on reality TV.

Right now, as usual, the TV is just on for background noise, and I suppose some distraction since I'm watching it from time to time. Mainly I'm just pleased to have my computer working again. It got me wondering, as I fixed it for probably the 19th time, are computers sort of like cars? After so much use, it needs a tune up, or it just... dies. Like with VWs, and I know Jenna'll know what I'm talking about here - no matter what year your VW, all the same shit goes wrong with them after a certain point. Alternators fail, gas pedal gaskets dry rot, the handle on the seats to flip them forward falls off... Are computers the same way? Are they only meant to last a certain amount of time before they not only become obsolete, but also becomes simply un-useable? I wonder because it often becomes difficult to find money for groceries, let alone money for a brand new computer (laptop).

I guess, much like with all my cars, I'll keep buying new parts, keep doing maintenance, and ride this thing until it blows up. I just have to cross my fingers and hope it's not any time soon.


chelene said...

I gave up So You Think You Can Dance for the pure disaster of Rock Star Supernova. I already have my favorite (actually, two favorites) and I will protest with billboards and sarcastic comments if neither one of them wins.

Also, I've had my laptop for 4 years now. I'm sure it's on the verge of blowing up but I'm in denial. Deep denial.

Tippy said...

chelene: I have not yet bared witness to said Supernova. Do not tempt me. I wound up turning off SYTYCD? in favor of the entire 3rd season of Entourage on inDemand. A much better choice, I think!

Just keep petting it and lavishing love on it... hopefully yours and mine'll keep on truckin'...

gizmorox said...

Door handles break, distributer cap melts...VWs are awesome.

I was surprised while flipping channels the other day to see a commercial for the season finale of the Real World: Key West. Finale? When did it start? The last one I saw was New Orleans and that's because I was laid up that summer and had nothing else to do. Oh, and they had a hot gay guy which I'm always a sucker for.

I've stayed away from the dancing shows, but on the next dancing with the stars, the cast is so absurd I may have to tune in. Willa Ford? Tucker Carlson?? JERRY SPRINGER?! That's comedy gold, baby.

Tippy said...

Giz: OMG I ♥ KEY WEST! Although, I'm sure those shits lived in a palatial mansion and destroyed it and spent the entire freakin' time drunk while being irresponsible 20-somethings acting like 16 year olds. Dude, I just summed up the whole show!

I don't really care about the STARS dancing, I just like seeing normal everyday people dancing. It's almost inspiring. Like, hey! I can do that! If I didn't have arthritis and a bad back and lost some weight!