25 August 2006


Dear eBay,

I'm sending this letter to this email and any other "send us your thoughts!" link I can find because I am PISSED. Not only am I pissed, I am LIVID. Let me share with you why, exactly, I am so ANGRY with your company.

I attempted to sell 3 pairs of shoes and one briefcase on your website. I attempted this because I AM BROKE. I can not afford groceries I am so broke. I am considering prostitution to pay my electric bill I am so broke. Those are the only four things I own that have anything remotely approaching value, so I thought I could sell them. Alas, they did not sell. Yet still, I was stuck with the fees, which whatever, fine, I agreed to it. But let's make it clear. You charged me $4 and change to NOT SELL MY ITEMS.

And then not only did you not sell my items, but you attempted to take my money from my bank account when there was only $1.82 in there - because I only get paid monthly you see. Once a month. 2 days before the last day of the month. Do you get paid monthly? No, I bet you get paid bi-weekly, like normal people. But no, not me, I get 12 paychecks a year. And you know what happened when you tried to take your $4 and change? THE BANK SAID NO. And they charged me $35 dollars so they could tell you no. And you sent me a snippy letter. AND THEN YOU TRIED TO CHARGE ME AGAIN, WHICH COST ME ANOTHER $35!

ANd now you're sending me yet another snippy letter telling me I can't use my account until I pay you your $4 and change, which has increased by $0.07. Let me tell you something - you ended up costing me $74 and change TO NOT SELL MY SHOES. That's $74 I could have used on my electric bill, or my car payment, or on GROCERIES.

So you know what eBay? You can take your little auction service and your fees and your taking it right out of my account, and your costing me money to NOT OFFER ME A SERVICE, and you can shove it straight up your electronic ass, because I will never use you again. You are dead to me, eBay. I hope you rot in hell and suffer from embezzlement.

[my username], who won't be eating for another month because YOU SUCK!

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chelene said...

Oh Tippy, that sucks! I've never used Ebay in my life but I don't understand why they would charge a fee when you didn't sell anything. It doesn't make any sense. And $35?!?!?! That's a lot of money for an overdraft. Damn.