21 August 2006

Hukt on fonix werkt for me

I'm a compulsively obsessive person. That's not to say I have OCD, although I thought I did but for the mere amount of $128 my psychologist totally disabused me of that notion since I don't hoarde or obsessively wash my hands or check the stove. I just ... obsess about things. A former friend once said that "Tippy not obsessing is just not a normal Tippy," and really, truer (I still don't think that's a word) words were never spoken.

One thing I totally love obsessing over is other peoples' blogs. And I will complusively obsess. I can be reading someone's blog for months before it occurs to me that, Holy shit! I bet they have archives I can read! And then for the next six days I will do nothing but read their entire blog, start to finish. Mind, I don't do this with every blog out there, only the ones that are totally well written, whose authors I have something in common with, and ones that make me laugh.

But like a lot of other people that keep these things, I have a hit counter with stat tracker. Mine's pretty simple and basic - I can only see how many people, their IPs and providers, and how long they stayed. I can't track what they googled to find me or anything, but I check periodically to see how long people are staying, and where in the world they are (I'd like to give a shout out to the people in Europe reading this! Don't know how you found me, but hi!). And I am sure there are some bloggers out there that check their stats and see I've stayed on their site for about 12 hours straight. Please let me take this moment to assure you, I'm not stalking you. I just can't stop reading what you wrote.

I get like that with anything I read. One weekend recently past, I read six books in two days. If I get caught up in a book, in an author, in a genre, leave me the fuck alone, I'm not answering the phone or playing on the internet or coming to the door damn it. I am reading. In the long run, it's probably better to obsess over reading complete strangers' internet-life stories than, say, obsess over how to make a meth lab. At least this obsession is free.


Aeroplanic said...

One needs one's little obsessions my dear. What's life without them? NOTHING!

I never check stats. But then it's Live Journal. And I know no one looks at the other blog:)

chelene said...

I may read the archive of my favorite blogs or I may not. It has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. I'm just lazy.

Tippy said...

kate we know you're lazy. it's ok. and LJ doesn't have stats. and ps? i read your other blog, you slut, and you better fucking get pissed off about something and update it soon =D

chelene i'm lazy too. and kate, above you? she's lazy. we're all lazy. i think it's the hallmark of our generation.

Aeroplanic said...

I just had nothing to be pissed off about lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. It was my period and everything!!!!


Tippy said...

and here you are, all jacked up on caffeine and everything. ALL FOR NAUGHT! pft.