17 August 2006

Is that a dead leaf?!

This morning I walked to my car, hopped in, started my drive to work. Envy me, internet, for the drive is just over a mile long. Yeah, I could walk it, and I should be walking it but um, A) it's summer and it's TOO FUCKING HOT in the afternoon to walk home, and B) that would mean I'd have to get up considerably earlier than twenty minutes before I have to be at work. I'm digressing again. So I get in the car on go on my merry drive and what the fuck is that on my windshield?! There! Under the wipers (those of you who know me, let me assure, it was NOT a parking ticket!)! It was 3 yellow aspen leaves! Do you know what that means?! TREES ARE LOSING THEIR LEAVES AND THAT MEANS FALL IS SOON AND OMFG YAY NO MORE 100°+ TEMPERATURES! Erm. Hopefully.

Only I get excited about dead leaves.


chelene said...

No, you're not the only one! I noticed it yesterday morning when I was walking to catch the bus and a leaf fell off a tree right in front of me. My exact thought: "hmmm, that seems early". But I guess it's not.

Tippy said...

chelene: SHHHHHHHHH! Do not curse it! If the trees know we are thinking "it's awfully early," then they will stop dropping their leaves, and we all know that's what really ushers fall in - none of this weather or calendar crap! ;-)

chelene said...

Okay, okay. You're right. I will keep it to myself. It was one little leaf. I'm not putting my flip-flops away just yet. :)