24 August 2006

Smoke 2 joints in the mornin'

Seriously, is there anything in the world GREATER than a company lunch with FREE WINE???? No, I do not think there is! Coming back to work, oh, HAMMERED, makes the day super awesome! (Merlot x 3 + tapas) * FREE = WOOHOO! I don't have a lot to say really, except it's 1415 and I'm hammered, and I'm not the only one, and really it's the company's 25th anniversary! How on earth can they possibly expect us to do work, and I was just interrupted by Passive Aggressive Office Manager (PAOM) who ... told me to do soemthing. But it's already flitted from my brain because it's 1416 and I'm drunk! There were words involved like... "editing" and "this page intentionally left blank" and and and.... I forgot but all the partners went into a meeting which means they will not be bothering us for the remainder of the afternoon, and jeeeeeez I need another smoke. OOH OR COFFEE! Because I had merlot with my ice cream/mousse thingie. Isn't that what any reasonable person eating on the company dime does?? Sheesh.

Um... Um.... Hi! I'm drunk! At work! Is it time for another ciggie yet? No? Shit. Maybe I'll do some work something. Or something. Maybe. If coerced.

Ooooh, there's beer in the fridge!


Aeroplanic said...

You stinking lush:):)

Finn The Conqueror said...

Ooooh alcohol, how quaint! Were there mice involved? I could quite like you.

Tippy said...


finn: meow? meowmeowmeowmeoooooooow! rrrrrrawr!

gizmorox said...

There's beer in the fridge at work? I'm so totally coming to work with you!

Tippy said...

Don't get too excited baby - it's Bud Light.