01 September 2006

Houston, we have hard drive!

The new hard drive has been put in, and proper working software has been installed, many many thanks to Vicky, Michael, and Lisa! Vicky and Michael were thanked with personalized ring tones and slutty photos that'll pop up when I ring them, Lisa just earned my never-ending love. I spent the morning loading software onto the new, glorious, twice-as-big harddrive, and marvelling at the speed of it. I want more software! I want it to do things my other hard drive couldn't! I want to pretend I have a brand new computer!

In other news, Ernesto is set to pay a visit any day now. Overnight we're expecting a storm surge that hopefully won't wreck the same havoc Isabel did several years ago.

Well. We can hope, anyway. At least I live a couple feet above sea level, negating any possibility, however much I may wish otherwise, that my car will float away and I can claim it on the insurance as "Act of God." Do I have to believe in "god" to claim an Act of God? Too early and too Friday for theological ponderances. At any rate, it's raining now, and windy, and I don't know what the expected storm surge is - 2-3', with waves of 3-5' on the coast. But we're only expecting 3-6" of rain (down from 6-8" last night). The price to pay for living by the water I guess.

Happy September, Internet.

ETA: I just wanted to add that I in no way think the flooding we had in any way compared to Katrina. Ours was just a minor inconvenience. I still hope my car floats away.

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