09 September 2006

I'm over being an adult

How did my parents make being adults look so easy? I mean, I know they were older when I was born than I am now, but nonetheless. I'm pretty much over this adult shit. I'd like childhood back, and my old room in my old (now torn down) house. I want no responsibilities, no bills, no bill collectors, no worrying about car maintenance and taxes and health and relationships and groceries and work. I want my only worry to be if the new Metal Edge magazine's come out yet and did Mom or Daddy leave my allowance on the table? Or have they gone to work yet so I can sneak some ice cream for summer-breakfast?

I should have never moved into this apartment. I love it, don't get me wrong. But with hindsight, I can not afford this place. It costs me half of my monthly income. And as a result of both that and a complete lack of money management skills, I am facing having my car repossessed and having that brutal stamp of shame on my already-shitty credit report. It's not SO much that I care about the credit report - that's already shot to shit and I should have declared bankruptcy AGES ago, but just haven't gotten around to it. Plus it costs money. Does anyone else see the missing logic there?

Instead, I'm going to take my car to CarMax. I'm going to shine her up, make her look pretty, peel off all the stickers, clean out the inside, and see what they can do for me. The worst Kelly Blue Book value of the car is $400 more than I owe. I'm hoping that I can get a good bit of money for her, pay off the credit company, and pay a few extra bills. Or put the money aside for renting a car when I go visit my family.

I live a mile from work, and a mile from the grocery store. I have friends around who could, if absolutely necessary, drive me somewhere.

In my mind this all makes perfectly logical sense. My fixed expenditures will lower by $500 a month without a car. That means I can pay more on what I owe to other companies and people. I'll have to figure in the exact cost of car rental and gas but from the smal amount of research I've done, I don't think it'll be more than $200 a month. Which puts me at the original amount of free money per month I would have had, had I not moved into this apartment.

Learn from me, internet. Just because it seems like the right thing to do, and the opportunity is there, don't always snatch it up before anyone else can. Do your research. If it was meant to be, it will still be there for you in a month or six weeks or whenever you come to the conclusion that it really is right.


mellowlee said...

I'm over being an adult too. Where can I sign up for a second childhood?

I declared bankruptcy in 2003 and it was a VERY suckie 9 months but it got rid of half of my debt. The other half is in student loans and by Canadian law is not included in bankruptcy. So after all that, I still am 40,000 in debt. (in 15 years interest will have doubled it) BeeeUteeFul huh? LOL Ah well, you gotta keep your sense of humour about these things or you're in trouble right.

Sounds like you got a great plan there. *fingers crossed for you*

I love your last paragraph! I am saving it for later. :)

Oh shit, I almost hit "publish your comment" instead of "preview" I would have CRIED!

chelene said...

Tippy, getting rid of the car sounds like a good plan to me. Why stress out when you can do something that will take a lot of anxiety out of your life?