22 September 2006


Yesterday I took the First Big Step towards the having of the baby. I called an infertility specialist (not that I'm infertile, but we'll get there), and have an appointment for my preconceptional consult in Mid-October. I've been heavily perusing the website of the country's leading Cryo(sperm)Bank, and have picked out several donors I want to order full reports on. So I'll meet with the doctor and we'll discuss which type of insertion is best, and if I'm actually a good candidate. I imagine there will be phrases thrown around like "basal cell temperature" and "ovulation tracking," but I can tell you right now, I don't need any damned thermometer to tell me when I'm ovulating. It hurts and I know.

I'm nervous about all of this, but also excited, and it feels right, regardless of what some people have said. I learned the very hard way that other peoples' thoughts and opinions on my body and my potential offspring have no weight and no influence on my decision making process.

This morning when I was pouring a glass of tea, I glanced at my reflection in the kitchen mirror, and thought "I can wear this shirt when I'm pregnant - very stretchy and cute." I think that's all the proof I needed that I'm ready, and that I very seriously want this.


chelene said...

I wish you the best, Tippy dear. Sometimes a person just has to do what they feel they should regardless of what others say.

Aeroplanic said...

AWESOME!!! You did it! The excitement. Too bad they don't have sperm banks for hockey guys though, huh?:)

Tippy said...

K: hahahaha shut up.