13 September 2006

Slow day

It's a slow'un here at the Company o'Fun and I'm watching the minutes tick by, not unlike how I did in high school, because I am in a holding pattern right now. So, I shall entertain you with a Rockettes-style dance number, complete with headdress!

Only not really. Just with the ABCs of Me
(Look, I'll be honest with you. Those 15 minutes of fame? It was 30 minutes long, and with a band no one had ever heard of, and these survey/meme things are as close as I will ever get to being interviewed by BOP magazine, and asked shit like, "What's your favourite toothpaste?!" So, you know, humour me!)

Admiring: The shoes I will probably be getting for our Christmas party in December.

Beating myself up about: having a maybe, slightly overdrawn bank balance.

Crying over: Nothing at the moment, but that tends to change at any given second. Get back with me!

Daydreaming about: The warm and comforting embrace of my awesomely free Ikea couch. Perhaps a book and a nice hot toddy as well. Actually I'm kidding. What the fuck is a hot toddy anyway?

Excited because: Work is done in 39 minutes?


Grumpy because: See above. See also; feeling captive over Friday night for wedding I will be officiating, have no alternative as am low on gas, can not drive out to western part of state.

Hate-filled and seething over: I'm actually pretty mellow at the mo'... seething rage will come later when some fuckwit cuts me off in the roundabout.

Indignant because: Man, I haven't been indignant in a while.

Just shoot me now because: I have to do dishes tonight. I hate doing dishes. Someone buy me a dishwasher? One of those little ones you can just plug in and squeeze into an apartment? Pleeeeeease???

Kidding myself regarding: R.S. really giving two shits one way or the other if we're friends or not.

Listening to: Boss and best-friend/co-worker (She-she) talking about something. Also, air conditioning.

Mooning over: Talking to 8 month old nephew on phone today as he grunted happily.

Need: Haircut, new digital camera (or ABILITY TO FIX MINE), tune up and oil change. Maybe bread.

Obsessing over: IVF, finances, men who don't even know I exist.

Praying: That for fucking once things will work out how I've got them on paper. I mean come on. Just once? Is that asking a lot?

Questioning: My outfit.

Reading: Just finished something-or-the-other In Death by JD Robb. I have 3/4 of the series, and while I'm waiting for the new one to come out in Nov, I'm re-reading all the ones I have. Should add ones I don't have to list of needs.

Singing: So pleeeeeeeeease, baby pleeeeeease.... somethingsomethingsomething catch my disease (shut it, Benna, hee!)

Trying: To make time move faster, OR sneak out of office. It's really a toss up on which is more plausible.

Unnerved by:
Enh? Nothing really?

Valium: Totally my buddy!We're tight, valium and I. Actually I'm closer to his friend Ativan, but whatev.

Wondering: What the hell I'm going to make for dinner.

X-rated action: Do you have porn I can borrow? Will I like it? I prefer magazines, really.

Yawning over: WORK! Or actually, what I like to call "Tippy has reached the END OF THE FUCKING INTERNET, now what?"

Zoinks: Erm. It seemed fun at the time...


gizmorox said...

Yay, I like those shoes! I'm so easily amused by sparkles.

There was probably other stuff I'd comment on if I wasn't a spazz, but...well, you know.

chelene said...

I was very entertained by this, Tippy. And I love those shoes!