13 October 2006

Brisk my ass

My cousin lives in Buffalo. Perhaps you live under a rock and haven't heard that Buffalo has been buried by about 2' of snow. In early October. And the city was totally unprepared. A state of emergency has been declared, and my cousin was saying how people have been stuck on the highway since 1AM and are almost out of gas. Her greatest lamentation is that she doesn't have her boots or jacket with her.

While I don't think I would exactly enjoy a snowstorm of that magnitude, at least not this weekend, I am much with the bitter that we haven't any snow. I love snow! I like shoveling it, I like driving in it, I like playing in it, I like taking pictures of it. The only thing I don't like about snow is when it gets slushy and dirty and frozen and gross and blech. But we have no snow here. We have brisk weather. Not a cloud in a sky so blue your heart aches just looking at it.
It's sunny and 40°. Chilly enough that I wish my damned newly-ordered winter jacket would fucking GET HERE already, but warm enough that I don't NEED it, I just want it.

In a bold segue... right across from my windows is an enormous oak tree, just inside the wall of the Academy. Like, a 100+ year old oak tree. It is heavy with the acorns. And every day, all day (and night), acorns fall off the tree to PLUNK onto the cars below. Sometimes it's a gentle plunk. Others, it's a loud, startling plunk that has woken me from a dead sleep, wondering what fell off the wall. Last night as the cold front moved in, with winds of 60+MPH, it was an acorn symphony. PLUNKthudDINKslamDING! All. Night. Long. Do any residents actually park under the tree? I think not. I think it's all out-of-towners getting their cars assaulted by the angry tree.

It's Friday, internet. That automatically makes it the most glorious day of all days. Tonight I'm going down to see the babies and my sister, and Monday I have the appointment with the fertility specialist.

I think I shall sum up with, damn it's hot in here.

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