09 October 2006

Itsy Bitsy Vignettes

- Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.
- Happy Columbus Day. Are you off? I hate you.
- Boss's wife is back in the hospital. I don't think I wrote here, but she has brain tumour(s).

- We had a new girl start last week at work. I think we overwhelm her.
- Daddy's shop won't be sold and the family will not move to SC
- I almost killed my self and 2 coworkers at lunch when I (accidentally) shut the car off while driving
- It's snowing tonight in Denver and I am bitterly jealous. Moreso because friends from here are there for the MNF game.
- A friend and I saw a 6 year old girl pick up and study porn mags at the 7-11
- I learned that Safeway delivers groceries and I got free delivery on my first order, plus saved $38 with my club card!
- Using yet more coupons, I got 3 super whiz-bang expensive bras and 6 panties for $53 including shipping. I love bargains!
- I inadvertantly learned about cord blood banking
and it's making me re-think IVF, at least for now, because I would feel like a ridiculously irresponsible parent without participating, and it's pretty expensive.
- Hockey has begun and Center Ice has hockey on my TV every fucking night. Hi, I'm in heaven!
- The formerly-referred-to BF was cut from his NHL team and sent to one in Northern PA. I tease that he is professionally stalking me. He does not laugh.
- Apparently my breasts are on display for all of work to see, and possibly crawl into. Remind me next time to wear a cami with this sweater.


gizmorox said...

Cheap delivered groceries kick ass!

How the hell did you shut the car off while driving? Just flicked a switch?

chelene said...

I anxiously await the answer to Giz's question because I don't know how you could have managed that one, Tippy.

Tippy said...

I have my keys on a lanyard, which I always hook around the gearshift in the centre console, so I don't tangle in it. I reached down to get something that fell on the floor w/o looking, I hit the lanyard just right and it popped the key out of the ignition, effectively cutting the engine off.

Thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the veal!

Aeroplanic said...



I totally forget what bit I wanted to comment on...I hate when that happens. I'll be back I'm sure.

Aeroplanic said...

Ah yes. BOOBIES!!!!! :)

Tippy said...

haha you're an idiot, farter!