30 October 2006

What to say?

For a few days, I've been visiting this big white empty box and thinking up things to say. Witty things, that will cause you to roar with laughter, as well as intellectual gems that will stimulate, and provoke thought. Alas, I seem to be lacking in those qualities lately.

I don't want to host a depression blog. Seriously. It's enough to deal with it on my own, and with close friends (but not so much with the family since most of them think "it's all in my head." Haha, almost punny!), I don't want to drag it onto the internet, which I use mostly for fun and entertainment.

I've signed up for NaBloPoMo instead of NaNoWriMo this year. Which is kind of amusing, because I had this total plan for my NaNo. But it's cool because I suck on follow through, and I think I can probably actually DO NaBlo. I encourage all of you to, too. All four of my faithful readers. OK OK! All six of you. Because it's fun! And challenging. And I'll probably blow it by election day, but either way, it's something to provide some motivation.

At any rate, given my current circumstances, emotionally and mentally, there is a good chance I could be posting depressing things. I apologise in advance for it, but we're nearing the end of quite possibly the worst year of my life. And the year keeps getting worse as more people I'm close to are passing away.

Anyway, I guess this was just sort of a warning. And an invite for you to participate too. You get a little graphic, and everything! Who doesn't love a cutesy little graphic proclaiming them a participant in something! It's like... official and shit!

OH and PS - I keep trying to comment to y'all still not on the beta blogger. Seriously - switch over! I want to tell you things! THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE COULD BE IN MY COMMENTS!

Only ... not.


gizmorox said...

I want to but I don't have internet access on weekends so I'm out of the running. :(

Tippy said...


i mean.... okay.

gizmorox said...

Yeah, Miss I just got a bonus and spent it all on putting new brakes in my car and it's a good thing I did or I would have hit that deer on the way to work yesterday and died.

And I'm spending the rest of it to come visit you, you bitch, so stop with the yelling!

Tippy said...

you make a good point there.... =D