03 November 2006

Chipotle day!

When I moved here, I was already a Chipotle addict. Have you been to Chipotle? If you haven't, do yourself a favour and run run run there, posthaste. Now. Go. I'll wait!

OK now that you know the goodness of which I speak... When I moved here, I was hooked. My sister and I had spent the better part of 6 months meeting almost every day for lunch at the one halfway between our respective offices. There is one at the local NHL arena, and one near a good friend's house. Every chance I got, I ate Chipotle. I think I could happily eat it every meal for weeks on end and not get sick of it.

But then I moved here. AKA, home of no-Chipotle. The closest one is a 20 minute drive away, and whenever I'd go out there, I'd buy 2 or 3 and bring them home for later meals.

But then last week, I got the fabulous news that A CHIPOTLE WAS OPENING HERE! IN OUR MALL! RIGHT DOWN THE WAY! And then yesterday, my best friend (who I also work with) informed me that CHIPOTLE IS OPENING FRIDAY! FRIDAY! DAY OF CHIPOTLE! ECSTASY! Sorry to yell, but you must understand the unrestrainable joy that is having a Chipotle RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!

One of our co-workers had never had Chipotle, but "like[s] chipotle sauce!" Thus, we popped his cherry and dragged him with us to the mall at lunch time, along with a 6-person order. Which I submitted online. And I suggest you try because it is awesome! We walked right in and, voila we had our food! I am a bit sad because the Chipotle Virgin (Chip) didn't get to go inside and get the full effect, and get an eyeful of the line all the way around 2 walls and out the door.

I had half my burrito for lunch, and then managed to save the other half until I got home, and there was pure joy shimmering in the air as I ate a still-warm Chipotle burrito at my very own table. It was, perhaps, the most satisfying meal I've had in my apartment.

Oh, and Chip loved it. He'll be eating there many times again. As will I. Perhaps we can get to know each other better through love-of-Chipotle.

Ooh, if you have an MP3 of the song from one of Chipotle's radio spots, I will give you sexual favours for a year! It's acoustic, and goes like so:

Well I was sittin at home, wishin I had me a burrito.
A burrito would be oh so sweet right now.
So I said to my friend,
I got to see her again,
I got to go get me a burrito.

My friend said man
I understand
It's not about the meal
It's about how ya feel.

I said hey hey hey burrito lady, you drive me crazy, burrito lady.

Yeah she knows me well
And I can always tell
That she's got what I need...
There's only one thing left for me to say,
I gotta get back to chi-pot-le.
I said hey hey hey burrito lady, you drive me crazy, burrito lady.


Jonathan Beckett said...

You're being paid by that food store, aren't you... lol

Great post. I have a similar affinity with anywhere that serves steak and ale pie. I use it to judge places. It's serious business :)

Tippy said...

God I WISH! Think they'd pay me in burritos?! That would be AWESOME!

Ooh... can I be an ignorant yank and ask what steak and ale pie is! I can probably Google, but where is the fun?