05 November 2006


Since I'm going to have to post every day, some of these daily posts are going to be about hockey. Today is one such post. And the subject will be last night's game - Penguins @ Sharks.

I'm a Pens fan. Or more to the point, I'm a Dominic Moore fan. In a perfect world, we'd be able to meet, and he'd be dazzled by my beauty, wit and intelligence. In reality, not so much? Anyway, last night was an awesome game. Dom had a goal in the first period, a beauty that he poked underneath Evgeni Nabokov for the 1st marker on the evening. Unfortunately, one of the Sharks had committed a holding penalty, and the second Nabby covered the puke, the play was blown dead. I was so mad because I hadn't seen Nabby cover and thought the ref blew the whistle too early. Plus Dom was sooo excited. He's not an excited goal scorer usually. But he was jumping and whooping and thrilled with himself. As well he should be cause when I slowed it down to watch frame-by-frame, he'd just whiffed on an open net shot a second before he did score.

Early in the 3rd, he did actually score, a beauty shot from the left faceoff dot, while down on one knee. He didn't hoot and holler but it was pretty money. Not money enough for the Pens to win - after all, Evgeni Malkin didn't keep his streak alive and they were short a goal at the end of 60.

But for Moore's almost-2-goal-effort, I downloaded the game and burned it to DVD. I don't care for the Sharks very much, but DVDs are cheap and it's not a lot of effort. Plus I like to keep that kind of stuff for posterity's sake, and come summer and no hockey, I have something to watch.

Here's Dom, in all his glory last night:

If you know him, or if anyone you know knows him, pass along my name, willya?

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