08 November 2006

Shoot the fucking puck!

My favourite Moore is playing his 100th NHL game tonight. He's also being credited by both the media and the organisation as being "the poster child for what is right with [the team]," and "as important a contribution to the team as Staal and Malkin." All the reservations I had about him being traded to the Pens have dissipated. This is obviously a much better team for him than the Rags. He's much more valued, and gets a lot more ice time than he did with the Czech National Team. Which works for him - he's not really just a role player, he's an all around player, so I'm glad he's getting these opportunities, and recognition. I think that once he fully regains the confidence he had in Harvard, he'll easily put up 20 goals in a season. The main concern right now is that he shoot instead of pass. Then again, the whole team needs to do that, too.

About Dominic, John LeClair says: Players like Dom help make a team a good team. They do the things you don't read about, but it's more important sometimes than anything else we have going.

Thanks to my good friend Vick, I was hooked up with an amazing dentist, and had the issue with my teeth taken care of this morning, for a very reasonable price. Back to a physical-pain-free existence!

Today's awesome link: Britney's sex tape? COMPLETELY NSFW!

It really looks like her... it could be her.

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