01 November 2006

Occam's Razor [Day 1, post 1]

I think this is the worst campaigning period I can remember. Voting day was always (at least that I can remember) within the first few days of the month. I laid on the couch watching House last night (!!! Wtf mean undercover popo!!), and during each commercial break there were FOUR campaign or anti-campaign ad. Seriously, I am overloaded! They're not helping me make decisions any more, they're fucking ANNOYING. People might vote because they're annoyed! So what if you like puppies, Michael Steele, I'M SICK OF YOUR COMMERCIALS!!! And we have six more days of this bullshit. I'm so glad that the only TV I really watch is Center Ice (AND HOUSE!). They block out the local ads, and I'd much rather listen to the center ice bow-chicka-bow-wow porn music than blithering idiots and talking heads. I'M JUST SAYIN!

Although, if you're interested, I can share some of my platform views for when I run for President. I'm thinking I'll skip over congressman and senator and just go straight to the top office when I turn 35. If there's some interest, perhaps that will be tomorrow's post.

I am up way too early for work. It's been happening since the time change! The light - I think the light is waking me up. But that's okay, it works out for work. Until now, I'd been chronically late, and that's just not giving off a good impression the month or so in front of the annual review. I need to make a note to address that in my review and pre-empt them. NOTE TO SELF! Request changing to a with-the-sunshine schedule to avoid arriving late?

Did I say? I can't remember if I said, but my shrink took me off AD#2 because of some fucked up side effects (strong abdominal pain, muscle twitches, mild hallucinations, lightly blurred vision), and I've been given AD#3. Right now I'm just taking AD#1 (Side note: I had run out of AD#1, and was experiencing vertigo, nausea and clammy skin as a result - those are 3 of my withdrawl symptoms. Nice, eh?) and waiting a couple days to see if those ... anamolies go away before I take the new pills. Occam's razor please prove yourself. If the few days does not see the lessening of the anamolies, then I have to go to the doctor. AND I HATE GOING TO THE DOCTOR! (Are you a doctor? I wouldn't hate going to you. You're so nice! And you always warm your hands!)

Maybe more later. Must go to work.

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