28 November 2006

Oh no you di'int


I held faith that you would come to your senses, dump that loser, be a good babymama, and go back to being the star power you once were. I was ecstatic when the day came that you dumped the white trash baggage. And then I read, ALL OVER MY GOSSIP PAGES, how you are constantly hanging out with Paris Hilton?

Honey, I think K-Fed was a better choice.

And now? NOW?! I OPEN MY GOSSIP PAGES AND THERE IS YOUR VA JAY JAY! That is NOT a slip, sister girl. Either you were so drunk you forgot you HAD a pussy, or you are just trying to garner as much publicity as possible. I don't think I can support you now, though. You have two babies at home, and you're going out EVERY NIGHT? Partying til 5AM? Showing your goods to anyone willing to look, and hanging out with the biggest walking STD in the US?

You should've just let Kfed release the sex tape! That would have been WAY better for your image than this... this... display of trashiness. Good luck keeping the kids in that custody battle.

Not so much a fan anymore,

PS: Victoria's Secret has panties on sale right now for $3.99. Invest!

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gizmorox said...

Like, eeew.