09 November 2006

Ruining it for all of us

When I was in 9th grade, my BFF, Kim, and I came up with an awesome idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Being that we both lived a stone's throw from the Potomac River, politics were an every day part of our lives. How do we take advantage of that, we wondered? Your average person would probably consider a career in politics, but I, as if you haven't learned this yet, am far from average. Instead, we decided that we would find otherwise-happily married Congressmen or Senators, have torrid affairs, and blackmail them into putting us up in swank Georgetown condos, and being their kept ladies, in exchange for keeping our mouths shut.

Obviously, Monica Lewinsky ruined that for all of us.

Since then, my political leanings have gone from heavily liberal to moderate. Or as Chris Rock likes to say, there's some things I'm conservative about, and some things I'm liberal about.

However, I'm still liberal enough that once I stopped doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy over BritBrit and Fed-Ex's marriage ending, I immediately tuned into CNN, both online and on TV. Are there better political outlets? Probably, but CNN's usually given me the facts straight, first, and they considered Brit filing for divorce on election day a breaking story. Props for that.

My joy was nearly unbridled when Macaca conceded the election in VA today. Moreso when I read this particular gem:

With electronic voting, a recount essentially involves an election official hitting the reprint button and then saying, 'Oh, the results are the same that we already printed.'
More reason to love Diebold! Aside from the touch-screen goodness, which, c'mon, who doesn't love touch-screen technology? Whether I'm ordering a meal at Sheetz MTO, casting my ballot, or using the self-checkout at the grocery story, touch-screen is my favourite technology. Perhaps because I feel as if I'm using equipment I'm not supposed to be using.

My state also ousted the incumbent governor, and the new guy better live up to his word. He's also my new neighbour, and lives 3 blocks down my street. I wonder if there'll be a "meet the new neighbour/governor" block party. I wonder if he needs a mistress to keep...

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