02 November 2006

Tiger Lilly

Lilly has been taken off of life support, and her feeding tube removed. She's sleeping right now, and all there is to do is wait. It's breaking my heart knowing I will see tomorrow's sunrise, and she might not. Knowing her children and husband will be without such an amazing woman. And knowing how fast your life can just be taken from you, with no control, no say.

My sister told me this afternoon that my step-grandfather (whom I didn't particularly care for) passed away on Tuesday. I can't fake any sadness for that. He was an abusive and controlling man, but still, chalk another one up to 2006.

My best friend, whose father passed away exactly a month after mine did, told me yesterday that her mother has been hospitalized with a blood infection. A BLOOD INFECTION.

I can not express how much joy I will feel when 2006 itself dies. I can only hope 2007 has nothing on this year in terms of agony and heartache.

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