19 December 2006

How to restore your iPod

OK, your computer that you had all your MP3s on, has crashed. Everything's gone.

Now what do you do with your iPod? There's gotta be a way to get the songs from there back onto the computer so you don't have to completely replace the iPod.

There is.

1. Plug iPod into computer
1a. If you get a popup asking if you want to format anything, tell it no.
2. Open "My Computer"
3. Open your iPod (it will be labeled similarly: iPaco(F:)
4. In the menu, select Tools
4a. Select Folder Options
4b. Click "View" tab
4c. Select radio button 2 from bottom: "Show hidden files or folders"
4d. OK
5. Go back to iPod's folder
6. Open iPod_Control folder
6a. Open Music folder
6a.1 The folders will be named F0 up to F99+
6a.2 Inside each F0-F99+ folder are all your songs, however, they're all labeled with a 4 character name (GWZR.mp3). It's fine - iTunes knows what they are.
6b. Select all and copy
7. Go back to My Computer
8. Open whatever folder you keep your music in (My Music, perhaps)
8a. Paste
9. Wait
10. Open iTunes
11. From File, Add Files to Library
11a. Go to where your music is
11b. Select all
11c. OK
12. From File, tell it to update/sync your iPod.
13. Voila!
14. Send gifts!

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