04 January 2007

New Year

If I were trite, I'd say, "New year, new me," but I'm far too cynical for that shit. To wit, my bedroom is still a disaster area, there's still paint on the sill of my bathroom windows from the arty farty privacy painting I did on the glass, and I ate and slept my way through yesterday.

But I also bought a bottle of Trim Spa, baby, and if I hadn't sucked down a Red Bull first thing this morning, I'd be pounding those pills right now. Alas, despite my advanced old age, I don't want to encourage heart failure or stroke out because of the excessive energy I have. I know how it is, I used to take the old-school Diet Fuel with the ephedra.

So far, the best thing about the new year is that it's not 2006. To quote my loverly gwendolinaminihaha;

Forget you, 2006, you are every bad boyfriend and backstabbing bitch I've ever known rolled into one, and I've been around almost 40 years, so that's saying a lot.

Go fuck yourself, 2006, I'm through with you and your wicked nonsense. I'm so over you that there's just this little dead spot in my heart that I don't even notice anymore. You can fall off the planet and drop dead for all the difference it will make to me.

Sweet 2007, my arms are wide open, my mind is all light, I am determined that there is to be no more mayhem and heartache and upheaval, no sickness and sadness and craziness. 2007, you are all about goodness and light and learning and love and fresh fresh freshness. Everything is on you, do not fuck this up because I can't take the disappointment anymore.
Amen, babygirl. A-fucking-men. While it's entirely possible 2006 could have been worse than it was, I can't begin to imagine having been able to live through it, were it worse. I'm sure there were people somewhere that had a good year, but on the whole, for most everyone I know, 2006 was the worst year in the history of years. But now it's done.

The only really good things about '06 were Kate and Benna visiting together for the first time in YEARS, and the babies being born. Their 1st birthday was on 12/28, and if you're interested, I did a small photo post on his blog. And look, I know I've only got about 10 faithful (haha, thanks guys!) readers, but there's a lot of people that come and go. So I will say this but once. If you steal photos of my babies, and use them for any purpose other than "what a cute baby!" such as claiming they're yours, I will find you by your IP address, I will hunt you down, and I will fucking break you. Don't test me. I don't mind going back to jail.

Now that that's out of the way...

I have so much cleaning and organizing to do, to the point where I'm considering completely rearranging my living room. I already re-arranged my bedroom, and the kitchen/dining area can't be rearranged any further since it's a pretty limited space. Oh hey, while I've got you, anyone have a 5'x8' blue rug they don't want anymore? My living room theme is blue, except I have a burgundy rug, and I look like a fucking Canadiens fan (that's a hockey team. Their colours are red and blue. Nod and smile.). I have a Thai batik ... sarong thing... that I could pin down on the floor, but that might be above and beyond ghetto. It's serving as a curtain at the moment, but I got some of those stick-on shades to allow more light in.

I'm rambling. Notes to self more than anything. I hope y'all had a good New Year's, and I hope your 2007 is fucking awesome. Thanks for reading!


gizmorox said...

Hey! There's nothing wrong with being a Canadiens fan! Or wasn't...at least, for a little while...when I was 14.

Besides, they're not maroon.

And that photo is hilarious. The top of Kate's head is so pretty. :)

Tippy said...

well. no. except I'M NOT ONE, for the most part. i mean, my ashtray and blankey indicate otherwise, but you know.

and yeah, it's red-red, but on my blanket, it's more burgundy, and matches the rug. why didn't i get a blue rug???

hi i'm kate! here's my roots! srsly, self-photography is difficult with more than 2 people. ask palmtree!

Malnurtured Snay said...

So, completely off-topic: I have two cats. One of them is named Tippy: she's a gray and brown tortoiseshell. I adopted her about eight years ago from the Humane Society when she was six weeks old ... back then, here name was Pipi. Well, as you can imagine, me being a red-blooded guy, I didn't want a cat named Pipi. So my roomate and I were trying to think of a name for her, and a coworker of ours came over and forced her to drink a capfull of beer (we didn't notice until she started walking into walls). And then her new name was born and she has always run fast away whenever I break out a can of Natty Boh.

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